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Volty mobile charging
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Charging on the go

Volty Powerbanks prevent phones and other gadgets from running out of battery via our power bank sharing service, available across New Zealand.
How it works

Nationwide power bank sharing service

Sharing made easy

Never worry about low battery again: Grab a Volty Powerbank and go! Drop it off at any sharing venue in NZ.

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Charge any mobile device with our 3-cabled portable charger for less than the cost of a cuppa.

Return to any Volty station venue in NZ, provided byChargedAs.
ChargedAs shares revenue with clients as part of our ethos of supporting other NZ organisations.

Powerbank Spec

- 5000mAh Power bank with fast charging
- 3 cables (Micro-USB / USB-C / Lightning)
- Fully charges most phones to 100% within 2 hours

Our three-cabled portable charger allows you to charge most phones, tablets and even e-cigs.

If you decide to keep the power bank instead of returning it, the power bank can be re-used by charging it through the USB-C cable port on the right side.

Rates for sharing

Power bank rental from $2.50 per hour, capped at $10 a day and after 4 days the power bank is yours to keep for only $40.
Receive 1 hour free when you sign up.
All prices listed are in New Zealand Dollars. We accept most credit and debit cards.

Become a Partner

Become a partner and ChargedAs will provide you with a Volty station along with power banks to boost your venue's customer experience. We take care of set-up and maintenance as part of our complimentary service. All you need is a little place to display the compact station.

- Receive Volty Charging Station & Powerbanks
- Free maintenance and support by IOT experts
- In-app exposure and increased foot traffic
- Boost dwell time along with customer experience
- Hassle-free automated service
- Marketing exposure from our websites and other platforms
(Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and VOLTY app)

All these services, plus revenue share
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Outsourcing charging - no more liability for damage

Enhanced customer service

In-app exposure and free advertising

Revenue growth from increased foot traffic